Zone (ゾーン Zōn) is the 155th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro learns that he is in zone during the last moments of his match against Ide. Upon losing the match, Ide decides to go overseas to improve his tennis style.


Eiichiro was congratulated by Natsu and others for winning his match against Ide. As his hands start to shake, Natsu grabbed it to stop it from shaking. Coach Aoi feels that Eiichiro is incredible during the last points. Eiichiro himself agrees with the statement as he remained relaxed and his body movement and brain processing become extremely good towards the end of the match. Not only he can see the ball clearly but he is focused too much that he can barely hear the noises on his surroundings. Coach Aoi believes that Eiichiro was in "zone" during that time - a state that releasing of restrain of one's full potential. Eiichiro managed to defeat Ide because he entered the zone while Ide was just close to the zone but definitely his hard work was the major contribution for his win.

On the other hand, Ide apologizes that he did not manage to keep his promise for the boy but the boy tells Ide that Ide was not at fault and he will even study tennis once his legs get better. Later, Ide mentions to his friends that he will go overseas to challenge top class players, to change his environment and to improve his techniques. His friends are in shock upon knowing Ide's decision but in the end, they support his decision.

Yukichi also manages to enter the Nationals, partly because of his "relaxed" state whenever he remember Eiichiro being lovey-dovey instead of being nervous and tense. From the 3rd match onwards, these will be the deciding factor for the seed position in the All-Japan Junior Tournament.

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