Heretic (異端児 Itanji) is the 157th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's next opponent will be Takagi after Eiichiro defeated Ono and Takagi defeated Yukichi.


Yukichi assures Eiichiro that he will defeat Takagi even though there are rumors that Takagi has defeated Nabae before. Eiichiro's 3rd match is against Ono, the 11th seed. Even though Ono is defensive player and not as difficult to predict the movements compared to Ide, Eiichiro tries not to make careless mistakes. Eiichiro tries to trap Ono using his change-of-pace strategy. Eiichiro notices that some of the audience are present to watch him play because of his incredible match against Ide. Eiichiro tries to regain his composure so that the spectators will not become a pressure against him.

Eiichiro wins his match but Yukichi did not. Yukichi shares his experience during the match - how Takagi seems to be looking down at him. The video of the match is later reviewed by Eiichiro and Coach Aoi inside the room. Eiichiro has to be careful - not only Takagi uses tricky shots but his attacks are strong as well.