Impulse (衝動 Shōdō) is the 158th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Takagi keeps glaring at Eiichiro and doing questionable manners during the match. Eiichiro wonders the reason behind Takagi's actions even though his play is strong.


Eiichiro confirms his expectations that Takagi's shots are heavy and deep but he wonder why Takagi hits such kind of balls during their warm-up. At the official start of their match, Eiichiro also notices that Takagi's backhand is good as well. With such a high quality shots, Eiichiro has to focus on such shots - but he feels something different.

Even though Takagi has win two consecutive points, he keeps on staring at Eiichiro. Eiichiro asks for a timeout when he notices that his shoe lace on his left shoe is untied. As he is fixing his shoe lace, Takagi serves, surprising Eiichiro. The referee reminds Takagi that the serve is not counted since Eiichiro asks for a timeout beforehand.

Takagi has successfully held his service game. At Eiichiro's service game, Eiichiro notices that his shots seem weird. He assumes that the weird atmosphere is part of Takagi's strategy to disrupt Eiichiro's mentality. Based on what he gained from his match against Ide, he recovers his composure before he serves - and he successfully wins the point. As Eiichiro is preparing for his next serve, Takagi throws the ball as if he is not considering if Eiichiro will be hit or not. Eiichiro wonders why someone like Takagi, who uses underhanded means despite of incredible tennis technique, is a friend of Nabae.

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