Takagi Sakuya (高木朔夜 Takuya Sakuya) is the 159th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Takagi remembers his own frustration of defeating Nabae in a match at least once.


Instead of being frustrated on Takagi's actions, Eiichiro takes a deep breath and hits a service ace. Eiichiro's shots are not rushed, focusing on controlling his shots and attacks when given a chance. Eiichiro also provides no eye contact on Takagi. With this, Eiichiro successfully keeps his own service game.

Takagi thinks that Eiichiro seems to be good at controlling his emotions - as expected from someone who defeated Ide in a close battle. In spite of that, he does not want to lose in this match. He, then, hits an underserve to Eiichiro.

All this time, Takagi treats Nabae as a number one player that he has to beat. He matches his training schedule with Nabae's and trains harder and longer than Nabae's. Takagi becomes stronger but it is not enough to defeat Nabae. Even they are playing for hours, Takagi never gives up. He will do everything - even underhanded tricks - just to win against Nabae.

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