Break Time (ブレイクの時 Bureiku no Toki) is the 16th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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With his match against Takuma, Eiichiro tries to manage his schedule in order to become stronger in tennis.


Takuma easily wins the match against Eiichiro. Coach Miura wants that through this match, they may be able to encourage each other but he thinks that the match may be too much on Eiichiro's current ability. Eiichiro starts asking Takuma about his schedule related to tennis. Takuma starts to get pissed off and suddenly checks Eiichiro's notebook which contains Eiichiro's schedule. Takuma tells Eiichiro that Eiichiro cannot defeat him no matter how hardcore Eiichiro's schedule is. Eiichiro is aware about that Takuma is too strong for him right now but he will decide if it is indeed impossible for him after he has pushed his limits with his current schedule. With Eiichiro's dedication, Takuma feels that he is running away from his problems. Coach Miura, then, tells Takuma that he will play against Eiichiro on his free time.

Eiichiro spends his summer break in practicing serves, volleys, control and physical strength. He also continues to persuade Takuma to have a match against him. He also competes in a championship match. At school, while Eiichiro receives his class' homework, Takuma calls him. Takuma gives the coach's message that Eiichiro can attend a practice match at STC on that day as Miyagawa and Araya will come. Eiichiro decides to come to the practice and gets his tennis equipment at home. Eiichiro's mother feels worried as Eiichiro has been doing tennis lately. Eiichiro persuades his mother that he can still manage his studies even though his schedule is a bit hectic. Eiichiro continues this hectic schedule until finally, his second Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit begins.