Persistent (執念 Shūnen) is the 161st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Both players show their persistence as the first set enters tie-breaking match.


Since Takagi is using a lot of tricky moves, Eiichiro starts to use various mix of spins, directions, speed and style. It is a difficult match for Eiichiro, as this match is a battle of self-control instead of dealing pressure. Both manage to keep their service game, thus the first set reaches the tie-breaker game.

Takagi remembers Nabae's warning to him during their match - that his skills will stop growing if he keeps relying on cheap tricks. Takagi does not mind to have a stamina battle since he is confident that he has the advantage. Takagi uses a drop shot but Eiichiro manages to counter it. Eiichiro considers what will be Takagi's next attack which aims at his body but he still manages to hit it. Takagi attacks again, this time, aiming at Eiichiro's face.

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