Good and Evil (善悪 Zen Aku) is the 162nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro releases his anger to confront the pressure but as he realizes that it does not help him to the match, he takes some time to regain his composure.


Even though Takagi's attack is directed to Eiichiro's face, Eiichiro manages to hit properly and wins the point. Eiichiro is angry at Takagi's actions and Takagi did not even hide his malicious intent. Based on how he faced pressure during his match against Ide, he tries to use anger as his advantage to this game but he uses too much power, making Takagi earns the point. During Eiichiro's service game, his serve fails so much that it reaches the spectators' area. In his second attempt, he manages to serve successfully but his accuracy is way off.

Eiichiro realizes that anger does not help him at all in this game. He even felt heavy due to his anger. Eiichiro decides to take his time in order to recover his composure. Even though Takagi asks for the time violation and the referee finally gives a warning to Eiichiro, Eiichiro accepts them all. Eiichiro believes that Takagi simply plays his own tennis style and he should play his own tennis style as well.

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