Anger and Pressure (怒りと重圧(プレッシャー)()()()()()()()()() Ikari to Jyūatsu(Puresshā)()()()()()()()()()) is the 163rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Takagi is bewildered on Eiichiro's improved movements during the second set.


Eiichiro manages to regain his lead in the tie-breaker game and later, wins the first set against Takagi. He thinks that he should be careful on Takagi's unwavering movements and stamina and he should control the pressure to put it to his advantage.

At second set, Eiichiro increases his gear by using a wide variety of shots, making Takagi wonders if Eiichiro, indeed, controls all of the attacks. Takagi is bewildered on how Eiichiro's movements suddenly become better and what had happened to his anger in the tie-breaker match. As the match continues, Eiichiro continues to increase his gear again while Takagi starts to see similarities on Eiichiro's and Nabae's tennis style. He is determined not to lose in the match in order to face Nabae.

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