How...? (どうやって Douyatte) is the 164th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Takagi learns that his training should be based on his own ability and should not be too dependent on cheap tricks.


Takagi ponders on how Eiichiro and Takagi analyze their data but definitely, it helps them to counter attacks. Takagi realizes what Nabae said before to him - that Takagi's tennis style will stop growing if he keeps on relying on cheap tricks. In the end, Eiichiro wins the match against Takagi. As Takagi thinks what he lacks in the match, he gets surprised when he heard that Eiichiro has been playing tennis for two years ago.

Coach Aoi congratulates Eiichiro for winning the match. He also reminds Eiichiro that irritation will not help him at all during the matches as the pressure due to desire to win and the pressure due to anger are completely unrelated. As Eiichiro and Coach Aoi are talking about the experiences Eiichiro had in the match, Takagi approaches Eiichiro to confirm if Eiichiro indeed started playing tennis during high school. After Eiichiro confirms it, Takagi asks the type of practice Eiichiro had in order to become strong. As Takagi checks Eiichiro's notebook, Coach Aoi suggests Takagi that he should create his own training menu instead of copying someone's training menu because they have different personalities and builds. Eiichiro asks Takagi if Takagi indeed defeated Nabae before. Initially, Takagi wonders how did Eiichiro hear about it but later, he tells Eiichiro that it is not exactly a win because they had just played continuously until he won. He, then, apologizes for the actions he did before and tells to defeat Nabae for him.

Nabae comes out behind Takagi all of a sudden and learns that Eiichiro wins the match. As Nabae and Takagi leave the place, Takagi wonders how Eiichiro became strong in two years time and he feels that he had wasted a lot of effort and should quit on relying on cheap tricks. Nabae counters it that there is no such thing as 'wasted effort' and it is fine to use tricks as long as he is not relying on them alone.

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