Power of Love (愛のチカラ Ai no Chikara) is the 165th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Natsu becomes stronger than before as her feelings of love to Eiichiro becomes her strength and motivation to win.


Oota approaches Okada and talks about the top 4 players of the Kanto Junior Tennis Tournament - how Oota cannot defeat Nabae and Eiichiro being this year's wild card. On the other hand, Eiichiro goes to Natsu's match to check Natsu's condition. Natsu, who used to have difficulty on dealing with Nakajou, has managed to attack Nakajou one-sided now. While initially Coach Aoi teases Eiichiro about the reason behind Natsu's current strength, Coach Aoi then tells that Natsu has been more incredible ever since Natsu and Eiichiro are going out. Eiichiro thinks that the logic of "Love Mode" and "Battle Mode" being polar opposites seems not to apply to Natsu. Coach Aoi encourages Eiichiro to make her existence a strength for him as well as he can learn a lot from Natsu and they share the same goal as well. For Eiichiro, if that what it makes to make Natsu stronger, he will remain at her side as much as he can.

Natsu wins the match with a large gap against Nakajou. Eiichiro expects Natsu to have a high-five like usual but Natsu greats Eiichiro more enthusiastic before she goes to the main office. After Natsu leaves, a lot of spectators are talking about lovey-dovey scene between Natsu and Eiichiro, making Coach Aoi teases Eiichiro more.

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