Compilation (集大成 Shūtaisei) is the 167th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro gets the first point of the first set against Nabae as Eiichiro seems to be in good state.


The day before his match, Eiichiro calls his mother to inform her that he is included in top 4 of the competition. While his mother is surprised, she feels worried that Eiichiro is getting stronger in tennis. When she learns that Eiichiro's next opponent is considered to be number 1 in Japan, she gives a condition that if he manages to defeat his next opponent, she will reconsider her decision regarding on Eiichiro's decision of becoming a pro.

The semi-finals of Kanto Junior Tennis Competition begins. Before Eiichiro goes to his assigned court, Natsu approaches Eiichiro and tells him to have a date before All-Japan Junior Competition. Eiichiro is surprised at Natsu's sudden invite and is excited that he thinks that his "Battle Mode" is turning into "Love Mode" - but it seems it is turning into "Happy Mode" instead as Natsu seems to become his strength as well. When Eiichiro enters the court, he feels that thee court seems smaller unlike in his first match when the court seems bigger. His current state is also at its peak as well. He is motivated but no agitation. He will use everything he learned in this match.

Nabae is first to serve. He hits a wide serve and Eiichiro manages to counter it even though it is sharp. Even though Eiichiro knows that things is difficult because it is his return game and the challenger in this match, Eiichiro decides to use a high risk attack - a 1/81 control - to counter Nabae and wins the point, surprisingly everyone, even Eiichiro himself. Nabae thinks that the last attack was not Eiichiro's usual.

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