Valuable Data (得難い情報(データ)()()()()()()()()() Egatai Jyōhō(Dēta)()()()()()()()()()) is the 168th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro is close to his optimal condition, thus, he seems to be more aggressive to his attacks. While Nabae manages to get data based on Eiichiro's ideal state and preferences, he cannot help but be surprised on Eiichiro's attacks.


Eiichiro confirms that his current condition is close to the zone. Nabae also notices that Eiichiro's current play is different from his usual as Eiichiro is more aggressive and not hesistant to his attacks. Nabae decides to lower the pace but Eiichiro continues to attack aggressively until he manages to break Nabae's service game from the very start of the match, surprising the spectators.

Coach Aoi is still surprised on the current performance of Eiichiro even though he knows that Eiichiro is in his good condition. Nabae starts gathering more information upon realizing that Eiichiro's condition is similar on his condition during his match against Ide. For him, this is the best time to know what Eiichiro's preferences because he is emotionally driven and playing at their ideal state. Still, when Eiichiro attacks Nabae using his 1/100 control, Nabae cannot help but be amazed on the attack.

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