Summer Tempest (夏の嵐 Natsu no Arashi) is the 17th chapter of manga, Baby Steps

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's second Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit is about to begin and his first round opponent is his schoolmate.


Natsu is searching for Eiichiro and she found him hitting a ball in a wall. She stops him when she learns that he has been doing it for a long time. He feels so nervous if he does not do something. She tells him that he has to have confidence and he has worked hard for the sake of this competition.

Natsu and Eiichiro meet Yukichi and others. Yukichi introduces the seed players for this year's tennis competition, from first seed to sixth seed - Egawa, Araya, Iwaki, Oobayashi, Miyagawa and Yukichi. All of them are talking about the competition and Eiichiro is surprised that no one is thinking about the possibility of losing. Yukichi asks Natsu about this year's competition and she comments that Eiichiro will become the eye of the typhoon. Araya comments that if that will be the case, Eiichiro has to win his rounds.

Eiichiro's first round opponent is his schoolmate, Koshimizu. Since they are in different class, Eiichiro barely knows him. Koshimizu greets him with a smile but when they pass each other, Koshimizu changes his attitude to hostility towards Eiichiro.