The Current Me (今の自分 Ima no Jibun) is the 170th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


As Nabae wins the game for two consecutive times, Eiichiro thinks on how to keep his own service game while preventing Nabae to crumble the foundation of his change-of-pace strategy.


Eiichiro goes back on predicting Nabae's moves through probability and using of his change-of-pace strategy after realizing that forcing himself into the zone will not help him at all. As Eiichiro scores a point against Nabae, Nabae notices that the last attack is more of Eiichiro's usual style.

Eiichiro does not manage to break Nabae's game as Nabae's counters look weird for him - Eiichiro is not attacking to put himself to advantage but Nabae counters such attack in one stroke to take Eiichiro down. Turns out, Nabae is targeting Eiichiro's flat shot as not only flats are easier to return but it acts as a key to Eiichiro's change-of-pace strategy. Realizing his predicament, Eiichiro thinks of two solutions: 1. Not to hit any flats - which will result to a passive battle; and 2. Use flats only when it is going to score the point. He decides to use flats only when he is going for an ace. Things are getting complicated as the situation is similar to his match against Nabae before - but he has not lose his confidence yet as he is a different person compared before.

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