Last Minute Power (球際 Tamagiwa) is the 171st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Nabae's flexible wrist and racket motion, he can adjust his aim and finishes Eiichiro's attacks. On the other hand, Eiichiro attempts to try things that he usually will NOT do when he is under pressure.


Eiichiro uses a powerful serve to get a service ace. While Nabae manages to hit the serve, the power is too much, leading to an out and Eiichiro's first point. Nabae continues to aim at Eiichiro's flat shots as not only because it is the most effective strategy but he is confident that his ability is stronger than Eiichiro's.

Eiichiro is having difficulty on getting an ace but at least, Nabae is also having difficulty in returning the attacks - or so it seems so as Eiichiro notices that Nabae can control the ball even if his balance is off due to his flexible wrist and considering the racket as part of his body. Nabae also notices the change of Eiichiro's approach in the attacks compared to their previous match as Eiichiro's choice of strategy now is more aggressive. Due to accuracy of the serves, Eiichiro somehow manages to hold his own service game but he is still pressured by Nabae's strength.

Eiichiro tries to break Nabae's service game but fails as Nabae's serves are getting more accurate and finishes the point before he hits a flat. As Eiichiro is finding solutions on how he will manage to keep his next service game, he remembers Coach Aoi's advice for him - do something that he will definitely not to do when he is under pressure. While Eiichiro is reluctant to do it, he decides to push through such plan as he is still leading on this first set.

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