All-Out Battle (総力戦 Sōryokusen) is the 175th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Nabae attacks Eiichiro with full power to break Eiichiro's service game. In order to face Nabae's tennis style, Eiichiro tries to recreate the zone at will.


Nabae continues to attack Eiichiro, not letting Eiichiro to counter - the effect of Nabae understanding Eiichiro's tennis style and Nabae adapting to the opponent's tennis style. Using Nabae's most optimal tennis style, Nabae easily gets the first game on the second set.

Eiichiro thinks how Nabae will attack on Eiichiro's service game especially that Nabae has to win this second set. Because of Nabae is targeting Eiichiro's flats, this limits the options Eiichiro uses for his change-of-pace strategy and thus Nabae realizes that Eiichiro is pushing his limits. Since Nabae and Eiichiro have similar tennis style, Eiichiro should have also realized that Nabae should also use his own full power - leading him to break Eiichiro's service game and keeps his own for the second time for this second set.

Eiichiro manages to keep his 2nd service game but this is because of Nabae not using his full power anymore - there is no need for Nabae to risk in the second set. Considering that he cannot match Nabae using his change-of-pace strategy alone and the fact that the "zone" can be created at will, Eiichiro tries to do it.

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