Vision (ビジョン Bijon) is the 178th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With increasing number of patterns and controlling of emotions acting as Eiichiro's vision of victory, he finally manages to break Nabae's service game on the final set of the match.


Using the attack Takuma did before at the practice match, Eiichiro gains another point, increasing his chance of breaking Nabae's service game in the final set. With a tennis style that controlling the emotion instead of suppressing or releasing can be highly threatening when used properly, Nabae becomes even more determined to end the match as soon as he can.

Nabae hits two consecutive good serves, making him to catch up Eiichiro's score immediately. At the next point, Eiichiro is about to hit a down-the-line when he suddenly feels something and changes the attack into a cross instead - which is actually a good decision as Nabae predicted the down-the-line attack.

Eiichiro considers that Nabae is also reading his shots using the previous data, thus he decides to make new patterns in order to increase the size of Nabae's data, making Nabae hesitant on which pattern he will use for the next attack. Even when he is at disadvantage on the rallies, he still continues to counter Nabae's attack until finally, Eiichiro gets the break against Nabae's service game.

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