Full Attack, Full Defense (猛攻死守 Mōkōshisha) is the 179th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Nabae puts into defense as he lowers the risk of his shots while Eiichiro is on attack while maintaining the balance of his composure and guts.


The spectators roar when Eiichiro breaks Nabae's service game in the final set, catching Araya's attention. Araya wonders what Nabae will do, knowing that Nabae wants to defend that game no matter what. With Eiichiro's resolve, Araya is more pumped up to win on his current match against Okada.

The last game make Eiichiro realize that he has to balance his composure (maintaining the current situation) and his guts (chasing the ball as if his life is on the line) for his winning vision. On the other hand, Nabae reflects the actions happened in the recent games - decides to have a "pure mind" in order to observe the players involved and make the correct decision.

On the next game, Eiichiro finally catches up Nabae - tying the score into 4 - 4 in the final set. Nabae decides to lower the risk on his side and focuses more on the current situation rather than what will happen in the future. For Eiichiro, he continues to increase the risk of producing shots based on what he learned in the past year, leading him head-to-head against Nabae.

Both players manage to keep their own service game but it becomes difficult for Eiichiro who carries the larger risk. Remembering that winning against Nabae will lead to his mother's reconsideration on his tennis career, Eiichiro resolves not to lose against Nabae.

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