Where Are You Looking? (どこを見てる Doko wo Mite Ru) is the 18th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's first round is against his schoolmate, Koshimizu. While Eiichiro's start is awkward, he regains his composure through Natsu's message and wins the first round.


Eiichiro is surprised at sudden hostility of his opponent. Koshimizu is furious that Eiichiro does not know anything about him considering the fact that they are in the top score in their year. He feels that he will win this match as he has been playing tennis since junior high. On the other hand, Eiichiro thinks that since he has done everything he could do for the past year, he has to win this first round.

When the match has started, Eiichiro keeps on making careless mistakes - effect of using too much strength in the attacks due to "I absolutely have to win" mindset, causing mental stress. After three games, Eiichiro reviews his notes and notices that most of Koshimizu's points are due to his mistakes. He knows that he has to calm down but his body does not follow his mind. As Eiichiro is freaking out, he notices Natsu's message at the back of his notebook - it is fine to feel nervous in the competition and make sure he looks at his opponent.

Eiichiro realizes that he has not paid attention to his opponent. He starts attacking Koshimizu's backhand, considering that Koshimizu's forehand is his strength. He has starting to rely not only on his exceptional eyes but also to his improved body for court covering. Adding the fact that he repeats in practicing tennis techniques and his methodical way of thinking, his tennis style continues to evolve. Through these things, Eiichiro manages to win the match.