Break 2 (ブレイク2 Bureiku 2) is the 180th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


As Eiichiro raises the risks of his attacks even though he commits mistakes more than usual, Nabae gets pressured as he starts to counter Eiichiro instead of purely focusing on defense. In the end, Nabae wins the match due to Eiichiro's mistake.


As Eiichiro continues to raise the risks on his service game, Nabae focuses on improving his defense especially on his return games. Eiichiro continues to attack while thinking of his winning vision even though these lead to more mistakes on his part - attacking Nabae with power and do something unexpected for a change of pace. As long as Eiichiro remains calm, he can do dangerous and risky things in order to win. Noticing that remaining in defense makes Nabae loses some ground in the match, he starts to counter Eiichiro's attack while making sure that his defenses remain solid.

The two players continue their attack and strengthening their defense until finally, the match point is here. Eiichiro is at disadvantage but he still hopes that he can turn tables and win this match - but fails as his last attack is considered an out, leading Nabae to win the match against Eiichiro.

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