Since When? (いつの間に Itsu no Ma ni) is the 182nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro and Natsu have a date at the pool before they resume their intense training for All-Japan Junior Competition.


Natsu chooses pool when Eiichiro asks her on where to go for their first date. Eiichiro wants to use this opportunity to hold her hands. When Natsu calls him out, Eiichiro gets surprised when he sees Natsu in her swimsuit attire but regains his composure immediately for him and Natsu to warm-up first.

Both of them have a good time at the pool - going to slides, waves, pool, fountains. It seems that Natsu is still energetic even though she played the finals match of Kanto Junior Tennis Competition the day before. After taking their lunch, Eiichiro tries to hold her hands but he notices Natsu to be sleepy. He then urges Natsu to take a nap for a while. Natsu hesitates as she really looked forward for this day. He persists Natsu to lie down for a bit and promises to hold her hands while she sleeps - which Natsu complies.

While Natsu is taking a nap, Eiichiro reflects on his match he had in Kanto Junior Tennis Competition before and his future matches in All-Japan Junior. With these matches, Natsu remains supportive to him even though she herself is having difficulty on her own matches. Later in the afternoon, while they are walking together, Natsu holds Eiichiro's hand because she has liked it because she does not feel alone when she does it. Upon learning that both of them have the same thoughts of holding hands, they decide to hold their hands while going home. When Eiichiro reaches home, his mother asks him where he went since he was supposed not to have tennis practice today. She becomes really surprised when she learns that Eiichiro had a date with his girlfriend and pestered him about the details.

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