Hisashi Kanda (神田久志 Kanda Hisashi ) is the 186th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


For Kanda who seems to be a spoiled brat, Kabai Tech's training is a hell for him.


In team matches, a team composes of 2 singles players, 2 doubles players and a substitute player. Not only they have strong team spirit as they all live in the same dorm together, but they will also play in the All-Japan Junior.

Eiichiro then asks Araya why Kanda is in Kabai Tech while last year, he was in Yanase High. Apparently, Kanda's parents were transferred in America so Kanda decides to transfer to Kabai because they are a strong team and has a dormitory. Kanda seems to be a spoiler brat, thus adjusting to Kabai Tech's atmosphere was difficult for him at first. Kanda is forced to obey Kabai Tech's principle - work yourself to death.

Back then, Kanda does not like Kabai Tech's rule, thus he decides to quit. They only have 2-in-1 drills and he often experiences penalties, up to the point that he has not touched a ball at all. He believes that he is more skilled than most players in Kabai Tech, they should let him play the way he wants. His coach then rebukes him that a lot of alumni have managed to survive the training and become strong players. While Kanda is, indeed, has the freedom to quit, there is no reason for him to stay in the school as well since he managed to enter the school due to his tennis skills. Thus, Kanda has to reconsider his decision to quit the tennis team.

When Kanda complains his situation to his mother, he realizes that his mother already knew how difficult the training is in Kabai Tech. She lets Kanda to admit in Kabai Tech because she believes that if her son manages to overcome this challenge, he will become a stronger player. Kanda has no choice but to stay in Kabai Tech and resume the training menu. Even though he still complains on every practice, he still stands up to take the next routine - but for the coach, Kanda does not have guts, thus he has no reason to complain on their practice menu. Kanda has to work up past to his limits every single day of the training.

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