Smash! (スマッシュ! Sumasshu!) is the 187th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


For someone who fells into despair in a very hellish environment, Kanda earns not only a large improvement on his techniques but also he acquires a strong mental strength and support from his teammates.


A team must win two out of three matches in the finals. The following is the list of players who will play for Inter-high Competition:

Kabai Tech Kinsei High
Singles 1 Kanda Hiroshi Kaoru Sumiyoshi
Singles 2 Shin'ichi Shirae Katsumi Ogata
Doubles Masa Kosugi
Daisuke Hayashi
Minoru Uemura
Zakikaito Nono

Eiichiro gets surprised the tension in the atmosphere as the finals have a large crown for the match. First match is the singles match between Kanda and Kaoru. Kaoru is known to be an aggressive baseliner, similar to his brother's playing style except that Kaoru is a left-handed player. Still, Kanda manages to counter Kaoru's attacks with his precise footwork and super fast topspin which were improved with his training in Kabai Tech aside from unwavering nerv.

Back then, Kanda has to finish Kabai Tech's Legendary 100 Smash - one has to hit 100 consecutive smashes and if fails one, the count will go back to zero. For the coach, smash is not about the technique but on the guts on how hard the player will hit the ball to the ground. The coach gives almost ridiculous lobs but Kanda has no choice but to hit with a smash. Kanda fails to hit the last ball so the count returns to zero but he did not falter and continues the training.

Due to this training, Kaoru's lobs are just a piece of cake for Kanda. Each despair Kanda experiences results to improvement of his footwork and mental strength, and later, the full support of his teammates.

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