Future Roadmap (未来予想図 Mirai yo Souzu) is the 189th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


As All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament is fast approaching, Eiichiro continues to practice very hard and analyzes the data he had from All-Japan High School Inter-high Competition. Coach Aoi gives suggestions to Eiichiro to change his view and look at the things in a positive manner.


Eiichiro continues his scouting on All Japan High School Inter-high Competition and notices the improvements on the movements of some top players rooted for All-Japan Junior, particularly Araya, Okada and Nabae. Since All-Japan Junior is the critical match for Eiichiro as this will decide whether he can make into the professional world of tennis or not, he tends to become pessimistic but tries to regains his composure.

Coach Aoi notices Eiichiro's change of mood these days - as he seems to be down rather than being pumped up for the All-Japan Junior. Coach Aoi warns Eiichiro that this might put unnecessary pressure on him and that will keep him on playing at his best. Coach Aoi then suggests that at worst case scenario, Eiichiro has to break his promise to his parents and continues his route to professional tennis world. Eiichiro clears up that his promise with his parents is not the cause of his mood but rather, he wants to be acknowledged of becoming a pro and create an environment related to it.

Coach Aoi acknowledges Eiichiro's point and mentions to Eiichiro that as long as Eiichiro makes to top 8 in All-Japan Junior, there is the high chance of receiving offers of sports scholarships from universities and some companies may offer sponsorship (but this may be plausible). Coach Aoi points out that Eiichiro must change his view that instead of thinking of reaching a dead end when he loses, there are still a lot of options for me to pursue his dream. Upon reaching his house, Eiichiro creates his future roadmap based on what he has researched so far.