Appeal (アピール Apīru) is the 190th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Coach Aoi chooses Eiichiro to have a match against Soji for a video introducing Soji. With the sponsors of Soji coming over as well, this is a golden opportunity for Eiichiro to gather his own sponsors and have a better visualization of how a pro lives.


Three days before the start of All-Japan Junior, Eiichiro gets the chance to have a match against Soji, as Soji's sponsor wants to create a video endorsing Soji as sponsor's answer to media's requests. Coach Aoi uses this opportunity not only for Eiichiro to have a heavy training but to attract sponsors for his own and to have more people watch him play - basically, to have Eiichiro a better envision of his dream as he will follow Soji's road. As Eiichiro continues to have a match against Soji, his strong feeling of becoming a pro remains even though there are other possibilities for him.

While the match is ongoing, one of Soji's sponsors comments to Coach Aoi on Eiichiro's skills and how he understands the reason behind Coach Aoi's persistence to have Eiichiro as Soji's opponent. Coach Aoi shares Eiichiro's struggle of finding new ways in improving his style to compensate to his lack of experience and physique.

Soji wins the match against Eiichiro but Eiichiro manages to win a set from Soji.

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