Head Out (出陣 Shutsujin) is the 191st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro shares to Natsu his anxiety towards the All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament and he regains his motivation towards his goal as a pro. Final preparations are now set for the All-Japan Junior.


Soji gets to have a conversation with Eiichiro and Natsu and comments on how Eiichiro's skills improved after they have seen each other in Florida before. While Eiichiro is thinking whether he has become stronger, Soji changes the topic and talks about how far Eiichiro and Natsu's has gone. Soji shares that he too wants to have a girlfriend that will cheer for him at the sidelines during his matches.

At the other side of the court, Ike's sponsor tells Coach Aoi that he has enjoyed the match but Eiichiro has to have a solid achievement in order for them to sponsor him - still, it does look at Eiichiro's growth for now on.

While walking together after their practice, Natsu laments on how Eiichiro seems to be down lately but becomes relieved after his match against Soji - and yet, Eiichiro did not say anything about his problem to her. Eiichiro then tells her about his anxiety to the upcoming tournament and how he manages to motivate himself on the future challenges during his match against Soji.

The day before the competition, the STC members take their finals preparation for All-Japan Junior Tournament.

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