First Time (初めての場所 Hajimete no Basho) is the 192nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro feels so nervous before his first match but he still manages to win it. He cannot feel relaxed now that his next opponent is Okada.


On the first day of All-Japan Junior Tennis Competition, things are a bit problematic as Eiichiro feels so sick due to stress as this is the first time that he will compete for a nationals tournament. Coach Aoi reminds Eiichiro to do what he can do as this kind of pressure is nothing compared on the pressures he will face if he becomes a pro. Coach Aoi shares that overworking due to escaping from this pressure causes his professional career and as a coach of Eiichiro, he is trying not to repeat that same mistake. Natsu cheers for Eiichiro as Eiichiro goes to the location of his first round.

Eiichiro manages to win his first set without any major problems and continues to play safe on the succeeding rounds. On the other hand, Shimizu seems to be disturbed as she makes mistakes from her attacks. Both of them manage to pass the first round under the same score and coincidentally, announce their score almost the same time. Eiichiro laughs at such coincidence and Shimizu notices that she and Eiichiro have met accidentally for three times already. Later, Shimizu sees Eiichiro cheering for Natsu at her game and learns that Eiichiro is Natsu's boyfriend. Upon hearing that information, Shimizu quietly leaves.

After all the matches in the first day, all of the STC members and the top seeders win their first round. But Eiichiro's relief does not last long as he has to face the Number 3 seed of All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament, Okada.

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