Power of Imagination (想像力 Sōzōryoku) is the 194th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Okada's rising flat shot and Eiichiro's change-of-pace strategies, the match between Eiichiro and Okada finally begins.


At the first set of second round, Okada serves first. He does not know the reason but he does not want to lose to Eiichiro. He does not hesitate to use his famous rising flat shot to earn the first point on the game. Eiichiro starts to tune his attacks and create strategies upon discovering the discrepancies of timing between the shots he saw in the video and the one he is experiencing in the court. Aside from the timing, he also considers Okada's height, point of contact, ball trajectory, power and speed. He has to consider when to use his topspin or flat and he decides to use slices more often than usual.

Okada keeps his first service game as Eiichiro was dominated by Okada's shots. Eiichiro clears his thoughts as he is started to get agitated. Eiichiro successfully gets a service ace on his first serve and uses his change-of-pace strategy to win the second point. Okada notices not only the difference on Eiichiro's techniques compared before but also how calm and collected Eiichiro is, considering that this is Eiichiro's debut in national stage.

Eiichiro successfully keeps his service game as well and as his high concentration remains, he decides to take risk on his next return game. On the other hand, Okada thinks that even though Eiichiro uses different patterns on his attacks, this match seems to be not on its worst case scenario.

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