Rising Flat Shot (ライジング直球(フラット)()()()()()()()()() Raijingu Chokukyū(Furatto)()()()()()()()()()) is the 195th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro is starting to counter Okada's rising flat shots but is not enough for Okada to be pressured.


Eiichiro takes a higher risk as his serves work against Okada by using his pinpoint control and slices. But as Okada assumes, Eiichiro's slices are not enough to win a point, leading Okada to hit a counter and keeping his service game. During the break, Eiichiro assumes that there are more than one types of rising flat shot - so far, a fast and a super fast version. With this idea, Eiichiro continues to tune his timing to lessen the discrepancy he had from what he saw in the videos and in the match.

The first set continues with each player keeping their own set. As Coach Aoi watches the match, he is amazed on Okada's perfectly flat shot on each attack and wonders the reason Okada takes such gamble. While hitting such flat shot is amazing, Coach Aoi thinks that such style makes Okada's tennis style to be static, enough for Eiichiro to think of quick strategies. While Okada still manages to keep his 4th service game, Eiichiro has starting to counter his shots but he believes that Eiichiro's abilities are not enough to win in this match.

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