Expected Unexpectedness (想定外の想定 Sōteigai no Sōtei) is the 196th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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As Eiichiro has almost grasped the timing of Okada's rising flat shot, Okada uses a rising flat shot with a jump involved.


Miyamoto decides to check Okada and Eiichiro's match, making his assistant wonders the reason behind. Apparently, the day before, Miyamoto approached Nabae and asked Nabae the most anticipated player in this year's All-Japan Junior. While Nabae seemed to be avoiding the question, Miyamoto assumed Eiichiro to be the most anticipated player due to his rapid growth despite of fairly bland tennis style. Nabae counters it with Okada being an interesting player as well as Okada is aiming to follow the steps of Miki Yazawa, one of the most active and strongest Japanese players who uses fast tempo rising flat shots. Nabae believes that Okada can become the closest player to the world stage once he manages to overcome his hurdles.

Okada checks the current score and it seems that Okada seems to be struggling even though Okada is in the lead. While Okada believes that his rising flat shot will not lose easily, Eiichiro believes that he has grasped the timing of the rising flat shot. Okada is starting to get impatient as he feels that his rising flat shot is no longer a threat for Eiichiro during his service game. Okada realizes how good Eiichiro to adapt in situations and handing pressure. He remembers how amazed he was when he watched Yazawa won using her powerful rising flat shots and decides to train himself to use such attacks. Realizing Eiichiro's abilities, Okada decides to use a different rising flat shot, surprising Eiichiro and the spectators.