How to Use the Court (コートの使い方 Kōto no Tsukaikata) is the 198th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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With Coach Aoi's advice, Eiichiro decides to utilize the whole court more than he does before to counter Okada's attacks.


Eiichiro has managed to differentiate Okada's jump shot and rising flat shot but keeping up is still difficult for him as he has not determined the right timing. With Okada's repetitive manner disappeared and with him playing on the net, things get more difficult to Eiichiro on how to deal these things. Eiichiro tries to narrow down his target and determine the best way to attack. He then decides to wait for Okada's slow rising flat shot and counters it with his strongest shot. For the jump shot, Eiichiro decides to play safe and keep his shots deep.

Eiichiro hits the serve from Okada with a bit of difficulty. He continues to counter Okada's jump shot and when the slow rising flat shot appears, Eiichiro uses a two-handed backhand to return the shot. But Eiichiro uses too much strength and considered an out, leading Okada to win the first set. Eiichiro is frustrated with the error he had done but he has starting to be bothered upon realizing that Okada committed an error as well. As Eiichiro continues to review the shots in the previous rounds, he remembers Coach Aoi's advice before - to utilize the whole court by widening the scope of the shots. As the break before the second set ends, Eiichiro figures that while playing safe to the jump shots and targeting the slow shots, he also has to consider when to use the shallow balls.