Win By Strategy (作戦勝ち Sakusengachi) is the 199th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro determines how to handle Okada's rising shots.


Based on the data Eiichiro had before, this is the first time Okada used jump shot in an official match - a sign that he is desperate to change the flow of the game because Eiichiro has starting to grasp the timing of the rising flat shot. There is a possibility that the jump shot is still imperfect as he did not use it from the start. Eiichiro decides to take advantage of the tough situation both of them have and challenges himself more.

Eiichiro applies the strategy he had earlier: play safe and return deep on jump shots, narrow atatcks on fast rising flat shots and utilize the court and attack on slow rising flat shots. Since Eiichiro uses a shallow ball and Okada's attacks are linear, Eiichiro finally manages to win a point against Okada. As Okada realizes that Eiichiro is avoiding the jump shots, Okada tries to hit them consecutively. Thus, Eiichiro has no choice but to hold his own ground and hit the shots and has successfully kept his service game.

Eiichiro relies on slices and flats as a counter for Okada's jump shots and corners Okada whenever Okada uses his slow rising flat shot. With fast rising flat shot left on Okada's attacks, Eiichiro takes advantage with it and uses his change-of-pace strategy to break Okada's balance and wins the point.

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