High Return (ハイリターン Hai Ritān) is the 200th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro has successfully dominated the second set due to his strategy working efficiently against Okada.


With the strategy works effectively against Okada, Eiichiro has found a chance to break Okada's service game. Okada does not expect that such shallow shots, which works on his rising shots, will be used against him. Since Okada knows that using fast rising flat shots too much will lead for Eiichiro to read the timing, he is forced to his jump shot but misses.

As Okada thinks on how he will attack, the spectators are surprised with Eiichiro's choice of attack as such short crosses are effective if one has a great confidence on the control. Coach Aoi believes that Eiichiro's discovery on short cross is a big help to his counter as the long shots like down-the-line will go in easier than before. Even though Eiichiro does not know how to fully counter Okada's jump shots yet, his strategy leads him to break Okada's service game.

On the following games, while Eiichiro has successfully kept his service games without major problems, Okada barely keeps his own service games. Despite of this situation, Eiichiro does not help but to feel anxious. While Okada does not have a weapon similar to jump shot, Okada has not mixed some spins and slices. Even Okada himself acknowledges the problem of relying only on the flats and thinks if he has to mix some spins and slices now. Still, Okada believes on his current tennis style and attacks but Eiichiro has managed to predict the attacks and counters.

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