Uneasiness (違和感 Iwakan) is the 201st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


As Eiichiro continues to dominate the match, Okada becomes more uneasy on his own tennis style.


Eiichiro gets another break after he successfully performs a drop shot to counter Okada's attacks. As he continues to attack Okada in the next game, he wonders why Okada does not change his tennis style even though his opponent is in advantage and it would make the rising flat shots more lethal. But Eiichiro disregards this case and prepares himself in case Okada changes his tempo in the games. In the end, Eiichiro has successfully won the second set and dominated Okada.

During the break, Okada has started to doubt his tennis style - if being fixated to rising flat shots is a good thing or not. Thus, on his service game, he tries to do something as if he is still leading the game. Eiichiro notices that Okada's attacks seem to be milder than usual, as if Okada is hesitating. Eiichiro takes advantage of this opportunity to attack Okada.

As the game continues, Okada reflects on how effective his tennis style is - if it would be better if he starts to use topspin or a slice. But he still wants to stick on his rising flat shots, thus, he increases the firepower of his attacks which leads to more errors. Upon confirming Okada's hesitation on his tennis style, Eiichiro becomes more motivated not to lose to Okada.

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