My Tennis (俺のテニス Ore no Tenisu) is the 202nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Okada tries to change his tennis style but failed. While he is supposed to be depressed as he sacrificed a point on an important match, he instead becomes clear of doubts of his own tennis style and makes a full-attack for his revenge.


Okada has hit a nice serve but Eiichiro has returned it successfully. Thus, Okada tries to counter it with a topspin but failed, surprising everyone and Eiichiro has managed to Okada's service game. While the spectators are wondering with the careless mistake done by a seeded player, Coach Aoi and Eiichiro are worried that Okada is trying to do something. When Eiichiro and Okada pass each other during change courts, Okada mumbles on how he tried to change his tennis style and he even tried it in an important match.

As Eiichiro tries to hit a serve, he was surprised that Okada is on the move and hits a jump shot, leading a return ace. Turns out, the topspin miss leads Okada to clear his doubts on his tennis style. Now that his body feels light, Okada becomes more aggressive on his attacks. However, his attacks become more prone to errors, thus, the following points are determined whether Okada's attacks are miss or not. In the end, Okada has managed to break Eiichiro's service game and Eiichiro is overwhelmed with the sudden improvement on Okada's movements.

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