Vision (理想(ビジョン)()()()()()()()()() Risō(Bijon)()()()()()()()()()) is the 203rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Ever since Okada finds resolution to his tennis style, his performance improves dramatically.


Araya approaches Nabae and learns that Nabae plans to watch Okada and Eiichiro's match. Araya also plans to watch the match because it is considered to be the most unpredictable. Nabae believes that Eiichiro will be known in this tournament if he wins the match.

Back in the match, Eiichiro is being overwhelmed in Okada's attacks. Okada's movements and control are better compared to the previous games even though they are more prone to errors. For Okada, that topspin failure is an indication for him not to run away from his current tennis style - that he does not have a vision to use the slices and spins on his tennis style. Realizing that, he starts to believe on his current tennis style again and raises the stakes until he can beat his opponent even though it is risky.

Coach Aoi believes that due to Okada's resolution on his tennis style, it results now to his better performance and concentration, which puts him closer to the zone. Considering Okada's current performance, Eiichiro has started to formulate strategies on how to match Okada's raised stakes and uses the service game as his advantage.