First Move (先手 Sente) is the 204th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


While the match looks like at stalemate, Okada makes the first move and manages to read the attack done by Eiichiro.


Eiichiro uses his advantage in service game to make first move against Okada's attacks but Okada has successfully countered the first serve. Eiichiro mixes slices and uses his precise control just to prevent the jump shot from happening. Eiichiro continues to seal Okada's jump shot until he finally keeps his service game.

Okada has finally realized the reason Ide, Araya and Nabae think highly of Eiichiro. Thus, on the following game, Okada uses powerful serves and back-to-back jump shots to score. Although these are prone to errors, these are being overwhelmed by his super shots and the audience are mesmerized. He manages to dominate Eiichiro throughout his service game.

Eiichiro uses the same strategy he had in the previous service game that the spectators think that the match is getting on stalemate. In reality, Okada is the one who makes the first move to overturn the situation as he manages to read Eiichiro attack.

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