One Who Has What It Takes (もってる奴 Motteru Yatsu) is the 206th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


As Eiichiro manages to catch up for this final set, the spectators have started to cheer both players to show their support. Now that Okada feels that the crowd's acknowledgement, he will bring out everything to answer their support.


Eiichiro's persistence bears fruit as he manages to break Okada's service game because he adds a slight spin to his attacks. During the break, as Eiichiro is formulating a strategy, he considers the following things: 1. The fact that his angle cross are targeted 2. if he is going to play safe on his service game against Okada 3. if he will be cornered during his attacks. But what is important in this strategy is his focus - to do his best until the very last shot. On the other hand, Okada is annoyed on the little changes Eiichiro did on his attacks. Still, this will not stop him from attacking even though he cannot attack the way he used to. Even though he has to do some adjustments, he will remain faithful to his tennis style.

Eiichiro does not expect that Okada will hit a jump shot on the return ace but Eiichiro still manages to put disruptions on his own attacks. In the end, Eiichiro has successfully kept his own service game. The spectators are amazed on Okada's insane shots and Eiichiro's persistence on those shots. Some are supporting Eiichiro as he is not backing out on Okada's attacks while others are for Okada as he is the one attacking. With Ide's initiative, the crowd have started to chant Okada's or Eiichiro's name - whoever they support in this match. As the chant continues, Okada is surprised to receive such treatment and with this kind of acknowledgement, he is going to bring out everything he has in this match.

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