Final Showdown (最終局面 Saishū Kyokumen) is the 207th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro and Okada are using aggressive tactics, leading to an unpredictable result on their showdown.


Both players are using extremely aggressive tactics - Okada using his powerful serves and Eiichiro using his slight alterations on the shots. As expected, the match turns out into a close battle as after reaching the third deuce, this becomes a critical point on the outcome of the match. As Eiichiro barely touches the ball but still difficult for Okada to return, Okada seems not to mind and attacks with full rising flat shot. Okada tries to pressure Eiichiro by moving up to the net but Eiichiro realizes it and hits it with a spin lob. Thus, Okada is forced to return the ball with a high back-volley. Eiichiro, then, uses his change-of-pace strategy to drag Okada but Okada counters it with a powerful flat shot in order not to let Eiichiro do the next move.

As Eiichiro faces another disadvantage, he has no choice but desperately returns the powerful shots from Okada while Okada attempts to end the game with a cross. While in the middle of rally, Okada thinks that Eiichiro has not returned the same ball twice. Thus, Okada tries to use a flat shot and open court to end the game but Eiichiro has successfully returned it with a drop shot and runs towards the net. Okada decides to aim his shot on Eiichiro's body, thus, the ball hits on the frame of Eiichiro's racket. Okada instinctively realizes that he and Eiichiro are actually standing at a fairly similar level in terms of pro skills thus he aims to become stronger. He hits a powerful flat shot and becomes a cord ball.

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