Winner and Loser (勝者と敗者 Shōsha to Haisha) is the 208th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro wins the match against Okada and becomes well-known as a non-seeder wins against the top 3 in the nation. On the other hand, while Okada lost the match, he was approached by several people as they acknowledge his skills.


Eiichiro gets the advantage first as the cord ball went to Okada's side. As the spectators are cheering on the amazing rally they saw, Eiichiro is frustrated with the result as he feels that he lost in the rally in terms of the content. Still, he changes his mind and does not care about it anymore as long as he can win. On the next serve, Okada commits fault twice, resulting to double fault and Eiichiro getting the break. Using the chance, Eiichiro is more determined to keep his service game in order to win. While Okada aims for a comeback using his rising flat shots, it falls short due to previous game - the point that causes for him to acknowledge Eiichiro as his equal. Finally, after three hours and considered to be the longest match of the tournament, the match has finally ended with Eiichiro emerging as the winner.

A lot of people are surprised to know that a non-seeder won against a top-seeder in the tournament. Some are surprised as Okada did most of the attack and Eiichiro seem to wait on Okada's misses. Araya comments that Eiichiro is actually known for dragging on the matches. Nabae follows up Araya's comment, telling that one has to have a lot of patience in order to win a point against him.

Coach Aoi congratulates Eiichiro for winning the match. While Eiichiro comments that he was saved by his luck on his game and things will be tougher if he is going to face him again in a match, Coach Aoi tells Eiichiro that no one will deny the fact that Eiichiro has just defeated the top 3 in the nation. On the other hand, Okada displays his frustration - that he will become stronger. When he gets out of the lavatory, Okada is approached by a swarm of people, asking on his future plans and is given some business cards. Ide wants to console Okada but he cannot approach Okada due to the people around him. As he leaves for his flight, he is determined to do his best as well.