Attention (注目 Chūmoku) is the 209th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Before Eiichiro has to deal with his match against Yukichi on the third round, he has to meet Natsu's parents due to Natsu's suggestion.


While Eiichiro is getting attention from the spectators due to his recent win, Yukichi calls him to congratulate him for his win. Eiichiro also learns that Yukichi also managed to win the second round. With this, Eiichiro's next opponent will be Yukichi which marks their first official match. Yukichi admits that it is his dream to face Eiichiro in an official match and he will go serious and will not go down easily.

While they are talking, Natsu approaches Eiichiro and inquires if he managed to win the second round. Upon knowing the results, Natsu is relieved and starts to ramble on how she did not manage to come on time on his match. Eiichiro and Yukichi also learns that she manages to advance on the third round as well. While Natsu is describing how incredible the match might be, Eiichiro argues it with Okada being more amazing. Natsu counters it that whoever wins in the end is the winner and beating the #3 player is an awesome feat - and with that, Eiichiro is known now in the nation. While Eiichiro is getting embarrassed with Natsu's comments and increasing attention from the spectators, Coach Aoi approaches him and tells him to get used with the attention.

Insider the room, Eiichiro reflects on the events happened in the second day and how he has to advance 4 more times to win in the tournament. He is also advised by Coach Aoi not to lower his guard as Yukichi became stronger due to Eiichiro but he only needed to play by the book since he has not lost against Yukichi during practices. As he was resting, Eiichiro checks his phone and notices that Natsu contacted him. Turns out, Natsu's parents will come tomorrow for her match and since Eiichiro's mother will come as well, Natsu suggests to introduce Eiichiro on her parents tomorrow. After the call ended, Eiichiro wonders what will happen on that meeting.

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