Smile (笑顔 Egao) is the 212nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro meets Ogata for the first time and he learns how Ogata becomes physically and mentally stronger after the grave injury.


While Eiichiro and his mother are eating curry udon, his mother praises Eiichiro regarding to his match but Eiichiro tells her that he has a lot of ways to go. While his mother leaves to answer the call, Eiichiro is surprised to see Araya, Kaoru and Ogata entering the place. Araya introduces Ogata who will be Eiichiro's next opponent and considers to be a greater prodigy than Soji. He was injured in his hip during his first year in middle school but he managed to get back in shape in just one year. Ogata mentions that while he had a grave injury and still in the middle of recovery, he also learns a lot of good things as well.

When the orders came, Eiichiro is surprised when he sees Ogata prays before the meal - turns out, his family is Catholic. While eating, Eiichiro asks Ogata about the things he learned when he was injured. Ogata tells that he got a medical trainer and becomes physical and mentally stronger. Araya tells Ogata not to scare Eiichiro and tells how incredible Eiichiro is, which Ogata agrees.

Inside the room, Coach Aoi and Eiichiro are reviewing Ogata's techniques from his performance - how natural his movements are because he plays tennis since childhood. While he plays in orthodox style, he also acquired an instinct that helps him during last minute decisions and also has power and speed as well. When Coach Aoi notices the fact that Ogata is a Catholic, he mentions how entrusting all hesitations and accept the circumstances can empower a player.

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