For Fun (遊び Asobi) is the 213rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Ogata is considered to be more talented than Soji but due to his injury, Ogata was not able to play tennis for a long time. But due to his promise with Soji, he manages to play tennis again through hard work in his rehab.


Five years ago in All-Japan Middle School Tennis Competition, the spectators were praising on how good Soji was as he managed to win without losing a set even though he was a no-seeder. Unfortunately, his current opponent, Ogata, was a step higher as Ogata was blessed with strength, power and racket control. The spectators commented on how these two players represented the upcoming golden age of the tennis world - the generation that will challenge the world. After the match, Soji challenged Ogata for another set but Ogata declined as he had a date with his girlfriend. As the boys were in the middle of conversation, their coach were talking as well regarding on how Ike was catching up with Ogata and how Ogata will be better if he concentrated more in tennis.

A couple of weeks after the match between Soji and Ogata, Ogata's hip's condition was worsen and he cannot able to play for two years. Hearing this, Soji was so frustrated as he left the hospital. Then, Ogata assured Soji that since Ogata loves tennis, he will able to play against Soji again someday. Soji told Ogata that he will go to a place where Ogata cannot reach. With the promise Ogata had with Soji, this becomes his motivation to work hard even though the rehabilitation is difficult for him until finally, he can play tennis again.

The fourth round of All-Japan Junior begins with Eiichiro being first to serve. While Eiichiro has data regarding on Ogata's tennis style, he has to prepare for the worst case scenario as he does not have a good grasp on Ogata's strength. Eiichiro decides to use this service game to gather some data. While he manages to win the first point, he did not expect that the gap between his data and what he experiences are a lot wider than he thought.