Turning Point (大局観 Taikyokukan) is the 214th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro realizes that Ogata may look relaxed but his movements and shots are of high quality.


Ogata realizes that Eiichiro's serves are not just aim and speed but also a well-thought plan and a precise control to execute it - something that cannot be done unless you have long career in tennis. Through a series of change-of-plan strategies, Eiichiro manages to keep his service game.

During break, Ogata notices that Eiichiro takes out his notebook. Ogata then remembers his conversation with Araya, telling him that Eiichiro's schedule is 24/7 focused on tennis because whenever he is resting, he is checking his tennis notes. Ogata assumes that Eiichiro uses his notes to create strategies in order to compensate to his lack of experience. On the other hand, Eiichiro thinks that Ogata's play and personality seem to be laid back - as if he is not focusing in the match.

In Ogata's service game, Eiichiro thinks that Ogata's serve will be orthodox and aims at a large space - turns out, Ogata hits a wide serve, surprising Eiichiro. Ogata hits another wide serve but this time, Eiichiro barely manages to return it. Eiichiro notices that Ogata's moves are a lot sharper than his return game. Even though he looks relaxed, the techniques are incredibly fast. He takes the service game with absolute certainty like Nabae but unlike Nabae, Ogata's techniques rely on his high quality of shots and movements.

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