Recursion (回帰 Kaiki) is the 215th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro attacks Ogata's backhand but he does not expect Ogata to use his two-handed backhand in Eiichiro's service game.


While Eiichiro tries to predict Ogata's attacks based on the existing data on hand, Ogata realizes that Eiichiro has good eyes and reflexes. Aside from dealing Ogata's high quality shots, Eiichiro attacks Ogata's backhand and aims for tight spots if possible. He also thinks that Ogata uses two-handed backhand as Ogata is more used to it compared to one-handed backhand. He assumes that Ogata recently used the one-handed backhand for longer range and less strain to waist. But, he gets surprised as Ogata uses an one-handed backhand as counter to his attack but the ball goes outside the court, leading to an out. Upon Ogata realizes that Eiichiro is attacking his backhand, he tries to cover it up but it backfires at him as Eiichiro takes advantage of it to take another point.

As Eiichiro manages to break Ogata's service game, Ogata is more aware on how Eiichiro's shot is calculated to win and is now more determined to recover the game he lost. On the other hand, Eiichiro assumes that Ogata's play will become more aggressive now that he lost a game. He decides to use the 'attacking-Ogata's-backhand' strategy again for this game but he ends up getting surprised as Ogata uses his two-handed backhand as counter.

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