Acceptance (受諾 Jyudaku) is the 217th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro has to accept the fact that he has to give in on targeting Ogata's backhand.


Eiichiro tries to dodge Ogata's quick attacks by changing the pace but Ogata hits the attack with a finishing shot. Eiichiro decides to go on defense which makes Ogata harder to score but he still manages to keep the service game.

In Eiichiro's service game, he uses the slow-paced return game earlier to his advantage by switching into offense using a fast flat in order to ruin Ogata's rhythm. Once it is successful, Eiichiro uses a short cross to force Ogata to use a one-handed backhand. Unfortunately, Ogata has successfully reaches the shot and counters it, winning the point on his return game.

For Ogata, due to his injury, he manages to practice his one-handed backhand and acquires the strength of both his one-handed and two-handed backhand. Everyone, including Eiichiro, is surprised on the counter delivered by Ogata. With this result, Eiichiro has no choice but to stop targeting Ogata's backhand.


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