Important Battle (必要な戦い Hitsuyōna Tatakai) is the 218th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro loses in the first set against Ogata but while the first set is the most devastating for him, he still has plans at hand for the second set.


Coach Aoi approaches Eiichiro's parents in the benches and reassures them even though Eiichiro's opponent is a tough one, Eiichiro has acquired weapons and has overcome hardships to deal with such opponent. Back in the game, Eiichiro tries to determine how far he can reach without targeting Ogata's backhand. He also cannot target Ogata's body as Ogata can return them as well. Attacking Ogata's feet when at net has no effect as well as he can return it using a half-volley drop shot.

Ogata believes that overcoming hardships is what causes him not only to come back to his original tennis style but to advance forward. On the other hand, Eiichiro is shocked on his change-of-pace strategy was destroyed even though Ogata's tennis style is orthodox. Now that his choices are very limited now, he has to take as many risks as he can.

Coach Aoi tells Eiichiro's parents that Eiichiro has what it takes to become a professional tennis player but Ogata has what it takes to aim the top of the world - such thing should be considered while watching the match. Eiichiro's father shares that he does not mind his son to become a professional tennis player as long as Eiichiro will work hard for it. Even if Eiichiro gives up this dream, he cannot escape the "battles" in life so his father wants him to learn how to face such battles.

Now that Ogata wins the first set, Coach Aoi tells Eiichiro's parents that the match is the most devastating for Eiichiro. He then asks Eiichiro's father on how he will act on such invincible enemies. Eiichiro's father answers that he will do his best and he will try something he has never tried before - something that Eiichiro plans to do on the second set.


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