Point of Improvement (飛躍の点 Hiyaku no Ten) is the 219th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro uses a jump shot which is a risky move for him against Ogata.


Eiichiro remembers his first match against Nabae when he thought that "he cannot win" and through Natsu, he learns how to handle such situations - to do everything to succeed and tries something new if the effort is not enough. He tries to use several methods but Ogata still manages to keep his service game.

On Eiichiro's service game, Ogata assumes that this will be the chance for Eiichiro to do something - which turns out to be a jump shot. Even though the point of contact is off and a risky shot, Eiichiro decides to use this shot as it is very fast and it does not need any preparation. Eiichiro uses a topspin instead of flat (which Okada uses) in order to be more stable.

Now that Eiichiro has a new weapon, he has to determine when to use it and he has to be fearless when using it. Eiichiro misses the point of contact when he uses the jump shot twice, making the spectators wonder why as Eiichiro's expertise is control but Coach Aoi and Ogata realize the reason. As the rally continues, Eiichiro realizes how important physical firepower is - a shot the turns tables around and restricts the opponent to use certain moves. He uses the jump shot without thinking much and this time, he manages to win a point against Ogata.