Scramble (スクランブル Sukuranburu) is the 222nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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Combining his change-of-pace strategy and his data on instinctive players, Eiichiro has managed to keep his service game in the second set.


Eiichiro has to rely on his instincts as he does not want to rely on his unstable jump shot. Unfortunately, doing it is more difficult from what he imagined, making Ogata to get the first point in his service game. As he is starting to panic due to Ogata's increase in power, he decides to think back on his data from instinctive players in order to surprise Ogata and make advantage of it. Even though, he commits a fault at his first serve, his strategy becomes successful on his second serve even though it is risky.

Eiichiro relies on 'what-may-Nacchan-do-on-this-situation' mindset in order to surprise Ogata. Sometimes it works but sometimes it fails due to his hesitation. As he thinks that the kind of mindset may not be effective in the long run, he then decides to mix this mindset to his change-of-pace strategy. Surprisingly, it works as Ogata is focused on observing Eiichiro's movements and thus, Eiichiro can take advantage with it to use his jump shot and other attacks. With Eiichiro regaining his advantage in his service game, Eiichiro has successfully kept his service game and forces the second set to a tie-breaking game.