Things You Believe In (信じるもの Shinjirumono) is the 224th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro and Ogata believe on his own ability that will not definitely lose in this match.


Eiichiro has to face a mentally strong player and while he does not have enough confidence on his ability or body, he will not definitely lose when it comes to fighting spirit. In order to gain confidence, he determines the sources of his stress, visualizes it in his mind and then, erasing it before hitting a serve. While initially his serve is a fault, his other serve is a service ace, surprising everyone. Ogata reminds Eiichiro of Soji as both of them will fight back the more they are driven into corner. Ogata believes that he can go to next level if he manages to win in this match.

Now that Eiichiro has managed to keep his service game, he has to break at least once in Ogata's service game. He has to believe in himself that he can fight against Ogata's serves. Ogata wins the point while Eiichiro gets the other point as Ogata's shot is considered out.


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